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Road to Enlightenment trials, February 2016

All candidates must arrive before midnight, Wednesday. Any candidate that arrives late is automatically disqualified and sent home.

Candidates are called for interviews individually after morning tests (or church service) have been concluded. Interviews typically take from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the candidate.

  • Day 1, Thursday February 18th
  • Math and Science.

  • Day 2, Friday February 19th
  • English, Social studies, Morals and ethics.

  • Day 3, Saturday February 20th
  • Group projects, general assessment.

  • Day 4, Sunday February 21st
  • Church service.

    Return travels take place late Sunday afternoon/evening or early Monday morning, depending on distance to travel and other special arrangements. Candidates with shorter distances to travel are encouraged to stay until Monday morning.